Threeprise! What are the Odds?!

When I pick you up next time, I’m pretty sure I will be a millionaire because I’m playing the lottery today!

Why? Just one word (that may not be a word at all..) THREEPRISE!

When my favorite band Phish busted out a Tweezer “Threeprise” (aka “Tweeprize”) last year in Merriweather Post Pavillion, MD for one of the few times in there thirty something years of jamming, I felt unbelievably fortunate to be there.

Last night, when I picked up the perky Rylee, for the third night in a row...in Fayetteville/Manlius, I knew I had a date with destiny!

Now, I’m no mathematician, but let’s try to ballpark the odds of me picking up the same rider who lives close to 20 miles (25 minutes) from me on three successive nights.

  • Number of rides I’ve had in 7 months: 1540
  • Number of pick-ups I’ve had in either Fayetteville/Manius: 18 (including these 3)
  • Avg. number of hours I drive Uber in a 7-day week: 40 (5.5 per night)
  • Avg. number of days I drive Uber per week:5.5
  • Estimated number of Uber riders in Syracuse: 75,000?
  • Number of times I’ve picked up the same passenger more than 2x over 7 months: 9
  • Additional Factors: Avg. distance from Uber passenger at the time of Uber driver acceptance of ride (2 miles or 7-10 minutes).
  • 3 different times of pick up for Rylee between 9pm – 12:30pm

So let’s see, if I’d doing this equation correctly in my head, it looks something like this:

…carry the four and voila! The answer is “F#*%#ck if I know but the odds have to be astromomical!!!

I’m pretty sure Rylee, an attractive, early twenty-something bartender at Stingers in Manlius, was as astounded as I was (especially since none of the pick-ups or drop offs were at her place of work!). By the third night, it truly felt like frickin’ speed dating complete with her best friend telling me to “treat her right and get her home safe” when I picked her up!

Rylee: “My dad’s name is Greg too…”

Me: “You were obviously raised well then…”

Rylee: “if you get me again tomorrow, that would be insane.”

Me: “If I get you again tomorrow we will have to elope! We must not tempt the God’s!”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is powerball.jpg

So, Rylee, when I win the lottery tonight (or whenever Powerball is drawn next), we will be set for life! The God’s will most certainly bring us back together through Uber so we can drive off into the sunset to our destiny unbound! Lucky, lucky you!..

Here I go…the winning ticket no question in my mind…Hey! You never know…

In this Ubservations, Rylee gave me permission to use her name and place of work (well duh, when I win the lottery she has it writing that she will get a cut!!) Image from “Hangover”

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