Introducing “You Can’t Make this Sh*#$@*t Up!

“Gang War at Taco Bell?!”

I picked up “Brett” around 12:30pm last night at a fully dark Applebees parking lot. He looked a little shaken up…I could see sweat glistening off his forehead and neck from the street lights, a paleish hue, and short heavy breathes. “Hey Brett,” I welcomed him, Closing tonight?” I asked.

“No, I work at Taco Bell down the road but I had to get out of there,” he answered. “What’s up?” I inquired…and then he opened up…

Apparently, the one of the night managers called out the other night manager during the shift saying he was lazy and worthless…Like a match to dynamite, this set off the accused in a fit of machismo rage. They got in each others faces ready to go at it. Screaming and shouting gave way to shirts coming off and threats of a “high-school parking lot” like showdown…

Ok, big deal you say…manager fight among two adults…big deal Dr. Griff…

But wait! Apparently the accused dude, who was much smaller than the other guy (who Brett described as looking like a linebacker on a pro-football team) called his posse who were there in a matter of minutes…EQUIPPED WITH GUNS AND KNIVES!

Did I mention that the Taco Bell drive through was open while all this was going on?! One of the unassuming drive through customers (I’m imagining just out of work himself looking to have a nighttime Steak Chalupa with a few soft tacos and those delicious cinnamon twists) witnessed the group of gang-bangers in the parking lot and called the cops.

“Brett” and the other Taco Bell staff apparently slinked out of there as things esculated (“Wow! Look at the time! Well, it’s been fun but I really got to get home to feed the dog..)

“Brett said that, as he made his way out and to safety, that the cops and the gang were having some sort of stand off outside of Taco Bell as he faded into the darkness.

Who said nothing interesting ever happens in Syracuse! You can’t make this shit up!

Prologue: I didn’t see anything in the news today about deaths or injuries at Taco Bell last night…so that’s a good thing.

The poor schmuck in line who called the cops never got his steak chulupa…

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