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Let’s Get This Party Started!

I’m hooked! Three months ago, after driving my wife and 3-year old boy off at Syracuse Hancock Airport at the ungodly hour of 4:30a, I turned on the Uber driving app for the first time. Five minutes later…pure rush as my phone screen lit up and the melodic electronica alert signaled my first ride…I picked up a thirty- something man from his home in North Syracuse sporting a low-brimmed hat, J-crew sweater, jeans, and a new pair of Nike Sneakers carrying an over-sized backpack. “Matt” was heading to the airport I had just come from to meet his buddy and embark on an eight-week journey of Asia. He shared they had a loose itinerary based around several major cities to explore but was looking forward to spontaneity of his adventure.

Little did I know at the time, what a perfect metaphor my first passenger provided for the journey I was about to begin as an Uber Driver! Three months and close to 500 rides later, as I have driven you to destinations spanning the far corners of Central New York, I have enjoyed a personal journey of enlightenment and discovery. Every ride and every conversation is unique- another thread adding to my understanding of the rich fabric of our community and a greater appreciation for the beautiful afghan that is our human condition.

“Dr. Griff’s UbServations” is my way of collecting and sharing some of your stories and thoughts as passengers in our Uber journey. It’s my blog-stream of consciousness in short-themed vignettes! As a shameless teaser, some of my upcoming blogs will be entitled, “Weed,” “Like Fight Club” “South Side,” “You Had Me at Hello,” “Syracuse University,” and “Big World, Small City.”

So, are you ready to take a ride with me? Hop into my black Lincoln MKZ (literally and figuratively) and, together, we will share this fanciful journey to destinations’ unknown (unless of course you are physically in my car, then I’ll get you to where you need to be!)!

P.S. Truth be told, I’m not a Doctor and no, I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! A few years ago, my good friend’s wonderful fiancée dubbed me “Dr. Griff” saying that I always made the people around me feel better. Sure, alcohol may have had something to do with it…but I like it! Hopefully, you’ll also feel better after reading my blog!

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All names used in this blog have been changed to protect passenger’s privacy